Chaiman, Surveyor David Taiwo

The colourful investiture of the new Chaiman, Surveyor David Taiwo, has life and activities to the section. The recent Chairman revived the pool activities are commendable and should be sustained to achieve the desired goals. The timely complexion of the section's changing rooms and allied structures is a priority of my Lord, the President, Chief Ayo Randle.

Swimming pool


We were all grinning from ear to ear as we watched a video of our friend flapping her legs and her hands in the water with ease, you would think she is a professional swimmer when that was only her first day in the pool. The video credit goes to her swimming teacher who captured her at the perfect time as he let go of her. Whether she was yet to master the swimming craft or not, one thing was sure after watching her swimming video, we couldn’t wait for the weekend to come.


Swimming is the propulsion of one’s body through water by the combined motion of the arm, leg, and a natural flotation of the body.

Basic skills in swimming

To be good at swimming, these are five basic skills to adapt. They are;

  • The breathing technique
  • The swimming strokes
  • The body part coordination
  • The gliding with your face in the water and

Types of swimming strokes

  • Front crawl or freestyle
  • Butterfly
  • Breaststroke
  • Sidestroke
  • Backstroke

Front crawl

The front crawl stroke is also known as the freestyle stroke. It is the most common method you see people practicing in the pool. In this method, you lie on your stomach facing down, and your body parallels in the water. You propel yourself forward by carrying out an alternative arm movement while your legs engage in a flutter kick.


This stroke is an advanced swimming technique but an excellent workout stroke. It is done by raising both arms out of the water and plunging them forward into the water symmetrically. The legs also stay together performing the dolphin kick.


This swimming method is done with your stomach facing down. You propel yourself forward in the water by moving your arms in a half-circular motion and performing a whip kick (this is done by bending your legs then kicking out) at the same time.


This is done by swimming on your side. This method is mostly practiced by lifeguards as it enables them to swim as they save a drowning person.


Doing this stroke requires the swimmer to lie on his/her back. You swim on your back while fluttering your legs and circling your arms alternatively in a windmill-like motion. This method is best for those who have issues controlling their breathing inside water as their face will remain out of the water as they swim.

The different swimming strokes can be learned perfectly under the guidance of a swimming teacher.

Swimming tips to know

  • Let go of your fear
  • Warm-up before swimming
  • Start from the shallow end of the pool
  • De-mist your goggles
  • Practice your breathing
  • Carry your swimming kit

Benefits of swimming

Besides the fun and thrill swimming gives to you, it is a recreational sport that comes with many physical and mental health benefits such as;

Maintaining a healthy body weight

Reduces stress and fatigue

Helps tone the muscles and build strength

Improves flexibility

Strengthens the heart and lungs

Reduces the risk of coronary heart disease (CDH)

Improves sleep and

It also offers the opportunity to socialize with others.

Why must you learn how to swim?

For lifesaving purposes.  You should never underestimate the reason why you should know how to swim because you will never know whether the need to save yourself or another may arise.

Activities that involve swimming

Below is a list of activities that involve swimming. The list includes;

Water polo




Underwater diving

Synchronized swimming

Fun facts about swimming

Do you want to know some fun facts about swimming I bet you never knew? Here are some

Swimmers sweat in the pool. Oh, you did not see that coming.

Some open water swimmers poop in the water. Ha! That was something, wasn’t it?

Freedivers can hold their breath for more than 10 minutes. Nah, you don’t want to try holding yours for 2minutes now.

Children can take swim lessons as early as 2 months. Yes! You heard right. There is no reason not to enroll your kids in a swimming lesson.

Swimming burns about 30% more calories than running per hour. Hmmm, are you thinking what I am thinking? Then let’s go swimming.

Swimming pool

A swimming pool is an indoor or outdoor artificial structure designed to hold or retain water intended for swimming or other leisure activities.

The swimming pool comes in different shapes, sizes, and designs.

Types of swimming pools

Olympic swimming pool

Infinity pools

Outdoor swimming pool

Indoor swimming pool

Concrete swimming pool

Competition pools

Fiberglass pool

Lap pools

Hotel swimming pools

Backyard pools

Hot tubs

In-ground pools

Above ground pools

Swimming pool checklist

Thinking of visiting the pool this weekend? Here is a list of few things you would want to take.  The list includes;


Towel and/or robe


Swimming or shower cap


Water bottle

Gym bag

Fun swimming pool games

These are some of the games you can play in the pool with your family or friends. They are;

Marco polo

Pool volleyball or basketball

Duck push

Floatie race

Bumper ball

Tug of war

Toss N’ Splash and


The list of memorable swimming pool games to give you a great time with your friends or family is inexhaustible. Do well to plan to know what you may need for your desired pool game

Since swimming is of great importance to one’s wellbeing, why not plan a visit to the Ikeja club swimming pool today?

Ikeja club swimming pool

The swimming pool at the Ikeja club is one of the biggest outdoor swimming pools. The water is clean and sparkling blue. The pool is a great place to cool off after a hectic day, relax, show off on your amazing breaststroke or backstroke.

Due to how large the pool is, it is also perfect for planning a pool party with friends.

The pool is open to members and their guests.

There is also the availability of lawn tennis, billiards, table tennis, and dart for game lovers to explore and indulge in at the Ikeja club.