Lawn Tennis Section

The new Chairman, Engr. Semiu Abolade, has started on a very good note and remarkable footing with the amazingly humongous amounts donated by generous members towards the development of the section as a result of his amiable nature and the goodwill he enjoys among members. We hope the much expected renovation will commnence and complete soon because of the lawn.

Lawn Tennis

Lawn tennis is an exciting game consisting of either two opposing players or between two teams of two players. It involves using a racquet to hit a ball over the net into an opponent’s court.

The game can give so much excitement to the players and the audience watching.

As the speed of the game increases so is the seriousness of each player as they skillfully try to avoid the ball from slipping out of their reach.

Some general rules of lawn tennis are;

A ball must land within bounds for play to continue. A ball hit by the player outside of bounds will attract a loss of points for the player.
No hands on the table
Players cannot hit the ball twice.
Players must wait till the ball passes over the net to their side of the court before they can return it.
Do not catch the ball with the hands or the racquet.
Who can play Lawn Tennis?
Anyone capable of holding a racquet can play a game of lawn tennis. It has no gender or age discrimination. Those on wheelchairs are also allowed to play the game.

Essential gears of lawn tennis
It is also necessary to own the two essential gears even if you play the sport for recreational purposes. They are;

The Racquet and Ball

Other essentials include

Change of clothes (believe it or not, you are in for a pool of sweat after jumping around) Water bottles Towels to wipe away sweat and Sporty shoes to keep your feet comfy

Playing lawn tennis alone is fun, exciting, and makes you quick on your feet. But it is necessary to know how playing this sport helps your health. These benefits include;

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases Improves agility

It helps to tone the muscle and increases body strength

Increases speed and reaction times

Reduces the risk of osteoporosis (fragile bones)

Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

Aids weight loss and or maintain a healthy body weight

Other benefits are;

Encourages a healthy social life as you tend to interact with others Reduces stress and fatigue Keeps you happy especially after winning a game Your skill gets better with each game Gives you a positive mindset Increases mental alertness and critical thinking.

Few interesting facts about lawn tennis It originated in Great Britain It was initially played with the palm
The first tennis balls were made from woods The longest lawn tennis match took 11 hours and 5 minutes to complete
Women once wore full-length dresses while playing lawn tennis for the Wimbledon tournament.
When it is played with two people, it is called “singles”, and when it is played with four people, it is called “doubles” The scoring system of Lawn tennis Like any other sport, it is always interesting to be declared a winner of a game. Nevertheless, when it comes to keeping the scoring system simple, one would agree that the scoring system of lawn tennis is a bit complicated and sometimes confusing to a beginner.

There are three main words in the scoring system

Deuce and
And there are three phases of the match

A game
A set and
A match.
Do not get worked up. A detailed explanation is written below.

What is love?

Love is used to describing a lack of score in the game. It is used instead of the word “zero” for example when both players have no score, the game is called love-love. If a player has a game score of 30 and the other a game score of 0, it is called “30-love”

What is Deuce?

Deuce is used to describe when both players have forty points. At this stage, it requires a player to score a point to be at an advantage

What is an Advantage?

The advantage is used to describe the first point a player scores after a deuce. If a point is scored after this, he wins. If he loses a point, then the score reverts to a deuce.

A game is played until a player scores four points.

A set is a collection of games played until a member wins six games or more

A match is played to a best of three to five sets. This is usually common with tournaments or championships.

Lawn tennis court
There are four major types of lawn tennis court

Clay courts
Grass courts
Hard courts
Artificial courts
Clay courts:
the surface of a clay court is made up of crushed stone, shale, or bricks. Due to the nature of the surface, the ball bounces slower and high. This may sometimes pose a problem to the players. Clay court also requires high maintenance.

Grass courts:
as the name applies, the surface is grass-like. This is more traditional than the other types of courts. The nature of the surface gives the ball a lower bounce but a faster pace which is of great benefit to players with a good serve. This type of court requires maintenance and can be very slippery when the rain falls.

Hard Courts:
the surface is hard. It is made up of uniform and rigid/concrete materials which are coated with acrylic paint. It gives players a good playing experience if constructed well as it is better than the clay court.

Artificial courts:
the surface is made up of artificial grass. The nature of the surface encourages a consistent ball speed and bounce giving players a good playing experience.

Lawn tennis is a sport that can be thoroughly enjoyed at any time by the individual.

Do you intend to enjoy your little breaks with curricular activities that boost your physical and mental health?

Then come play lawn tennis in Ikeja club

The Ikeja club lawn tennis court is a perfect go-to for tennis lovers. New members are also welcome to flex their muscles in the game. The club offers you the opportunity to relax, unwind, relieve the stress of the hustling bustling of the city, hang out and socialize with great people.

The new Chairman, Engr. Seniu Abolade has started on a very good note and remarkable footing with the amazingly humongous amounts donated by generous members towards the development of the section as a result of his amiable nature and the goodwill he enjoys among members. We hope the much-expected renovation will commence and be complete soon because of the lawn.